Dravidian woman

by artist s.elayaraja presented by Mrs.Dhanalakshmi fordyce in association with abstract art gallery bangalore: REminiscent of an era gone s.Elayaraja has breathed life into the faces and lives of uncaptured people ... the common crowd in everday moments of life. Exquisite innocent expresions with delicate play of light and fine details will captivate you with its like realism.a reflections of his thoughts each painting reaches out to you with the naive eyes of its subjects engrossed in their own little world of regular work.put together by Mrs.Dhanallakshim fordyce and oez yasin from abstract art gallery the entire proceeds of the show will be given to friend in need society (old age home). Talking about elayaraja's works Mrs.Dhanalakshmi fordyce commented,"He is the raja ravi verma of modern times. He is one of the promissing artists i have seen in recent times. I admire the way he manipulates the play of light and pays great attention to the details His paintings are breathtakingly beautiful and i am sure everyone will love his just as i do . It is also heartening to see a young artist supporting such a worthy cause." Commenting about the collection oez yasin says,"i discovered him four years ago and since then have been trying to put together a collection of his works for proper exhibition and have only now finally managed to hold on to enough number of paintings for this show. his work holds a lot of promise and has been appreciated by a lot of art connoiseurs across the world.He has revived a writing from of traditional painting style in today's times and has quickly acquired a strong patronage amongst art lovers." The entire collections has been bought by Mrs.Dhanalakshimi fordyce. abstract art gallery has helped put the collection together and will be hosting the exhibition and facilitaing the sale of the paintings from 9th March 09-14th march 09 at the gallery(# 8, cunningham road, Bangalore). The entire prceeds will be donated to friend in need society (old age home)


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