S Elayaraja

Elayaraja has breathed life into the faces and lives of uncaptured people, the common crowd in everday moments of life. Exquisite innocent expresions with delicate play of light and fine details will captivate you with its like realism. A reflections of his thoughts each painting reaches out to you with the naive eyes of its subjects engrossed in their own little world of regular work.


1979,19th April ,Tamil Nadu, India

Qualification :

1996 -2001 : Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) – Govt. College of Arts & Crafts, Kumbakonam.
2001 – 2003 : Master of Fine Arts (Painting) – Govt. College of Fine Arts, Chennai.

Specialisation in :

Oil Painting, Water Colour Painting, Knife Painting, Acrylic Painting, Print Making, Photography.

Participated :

1996-1999 Oviya, Nunkalai Kuzhu, State Exhibition Chennai.
1998 All India Art Exhibition Hyderabad.
1999 South Indian Artist Art Exhibition, Calcutta.

Honours :

1999-2000 28th, 29th Annual Exhibition of Art 1999, 2000.
Organized by Lalit Kala Parishad, Vishaka – 530002.
1999 2nd All India, The Art People Water Colour
Exhibition 99, New Delhi – 110.
1998-2000 “Bard Best” An Art Competition by Bharadhidasan
University, Trichy.

Camps :

1997-1999 All India Craft Fair, Chennai. Conducted by South
Zone Cultural Centre
1999 “Teachers Association “ Conducted by South Zone Cultural Centre, Madurai.
2007 “Thoorighayin Thulizhal” Conducted by Tamil Nadu Tourism & Culture, Chennai.

Cash Awards :

1997 Inter Collegiate Competition, Kum.
1998 An Art Exhibition Conducted by South Zone Cultural Centre, Tanjore.
1999 “CHAIROSCURA” Art competition, Medical College, Tanjore.
2000 Best out going Student Award by Lalit Kala Akademi, G.C.A.C, Kum.
2002 State Award Exhibition by Oviya Nunkalai Kuzhu,
2003 “Oviyam” Art Competition conducted by
2003 “Youth Festival” Art Competition Conducted by “KUMUDAM”
2006-07 “Grant of Scholarship” Conducted by Lalit Kala Academi (An Autonomous Organization of Government of India Ministry of Tourism & Culture.

Group Show :

1999 “SPECTRUM” Chromatic Waves, Kum.
2003 “ENDLESS” Vinyasa Art Gallery, Music Academy Campus, Chennai.
2004 “The Picture Family” organized by Apparao Galleries, Chennai.
2004 ”India Image” organized by Apparrow Gallery, Chennai
2005 “Neo Realism” organized by Apparrow Gallery, New Delhi
2006 “ART – Language of the Soul” at Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore
2008 “Ilangai Tamilar Relief Fund Show”
Lalith Kala Academy Chennai
2010 “Folkish”native south Indian life in art.,.Gnany art gallery ,Singapore

One Man Show :

2009 “Dravidian women”one man show presented by
Mrs.Dhanalaxmi Fordyce in association with
Abstract art Gallery.

S illaraja - realistic oil color artist